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Red Grammer - The ABCs of You


from the album- Down the Do-Re-Mi
The ABC's of You (Grammer) The ABC's of You (Grammer)
from the album- Hello World
Buono Appetito (Grammer) Buono Appetito (Grammer)

Red Grammer

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In-School Assemblies

GrammyⓇ nominated recording artist, Red Grammer, has set the gold standard for writing and performing contemporary children’s music. With uplifting themes and irresistible melodies, Red has created a treasure trove of music for families and classrooms. Red instills a sense of community, peace, and diversity, while leaving audiences singing.  Schools may choose from one of the four options listed below for their Red Grammer assembly.  Please contact Lindsay Kratz at lindsay@baylinartists.com

  • Curriculum: Character Education, Community Building, Music.
  • Grades K-6 

“Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket Fillers”
Many schools are already using Red Grammer’s award-winning music to augment their Bucket Fillers programs. Some time ago, Carol McCloud, award-winning author and president of Bucket Fillers, Inc., approached Red to create music for the Bucket Fillers program. Their collaboration has resulted in the new CD, "Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket Fillers", a collection of irresistible and inspiring songs for all ages. Carol says, "Each one reminds us, in the most delightful way, what it means to be a bucket filler." If your school is using the Bucket Fillers program then Red's new school presentation, "Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket Fillers" is perfect for you!

“Hooray For The World!” - A Celebration of World Geography and Cultures
In this show Red celebrates the diversity of our human family. Red and his audience playfully and joyously laugh and sing their way through food, language, geography, and more to a greater appreciation of the interesting ways we are different and the important ways we are same.

"Bebop Your Best!" - Music To Build Character By
"Truthfulness", "Responsibility", "Kindness", "Fairness", "Integrity", "Citizenship"... and many others...have never sounded so good or been so user-friendly and fun as when Red gets his playful heart around them. In this show Red rocks, bops and swings us all to a place where we want to "Bebop Your Best!"

"Teaching Peace" - Songs of Caring, Community and Conflict Resolution
In this playful and engaging show "peace" lives and breathes...laughs and sings! Red's "Teaching Peace" CD has been called "one of the top five children's recordings of all time" by the All Music Guide and has won a Parents' Choice classic Award". This show is all that and more, live and in person!

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